Pink Castle

'Gay? Lesbian? Bisexual? Transgender? or Straight?...
...Come and be inspired!'


What Happens?

e meet in a warm and comfortable lounge with a lovely view out over the river in the centre of Inverness. The room is for the exclusive use of the ‘Pink Castle’ so we are private. It is possible to get a drink (alcoholic or soft drinks, tea coffee etc) and bring it back to our lounge at any point.

We are a group of friends who like to talk about anything and everything in what is generally an informal and light-hearted fashion. Some of us are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, who also offer each other support as we live our lives here in the north of Scotland. We think that philosophy is not only for ‘academics’ and ‘intellectuals’ to talk about but that it’s of great use to anyone. We always plan ahead what themes we’ll discuss and anyone can suggest these, but we are not tied in to them if our debates take us in other meaningful directions. See our events page.

And finally…just turn up. There’s no charge.

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